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The first years of life are the most exciting and the most beautiful! Cotton Poppies has DECIDED to make them even more special by offering clothing and lines from 0 to 3 years to meet the needs of newborns . Comfort, certified quality, fashion and originality are what you will find in the collections offered on the site.

The brands that have been selected and carefully chosen. Just like you mothers: we choose only the best!

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The first phase of life a child is perhaps the most exciting for parents, but one in cui the child needs care More Also: if for a healthy growth great attention to proper nutrition is essential, the choice of clothing for newborns .

Not everyone knows That even in the garments we buy and wear every day, toxic or harmful chemicals can be found , Which Often causes skin irritations in our children such as dermatitis and allergic reactions.

Choosing organic clothing for our newborns means choosing natural , safe and comfortable products , created with the wellbeing of our little ones in every season and in every situation.

The organic cotton or organic stands out for its incredible natural qualities :

Another wonderful natural fiber, organic wool is a fiber capable of providing That pleasant warmth That gives comfort in the colder winter months . Its natural composition makes it easy to breathe the skin but also to absorb large quantities of liquids.

Cotton Poppies has selected for mothers and fathers looking for quality and safety, clothes for babies from 0 to 3 years of age only produced with organic cotton (or organic ) and natural (or organic ) wool of first quality. This is why we have chosen the best brands That make garments only with ecological materials , always thinking about the delicacy and safety of all children.

Just like you mothers: we choose only the best!

But Cotton Poppies doesn't just mean dressing naturally , organic clothing; Also means the selection of brands and heads of organic clothing for infants trendy and fashion of the moment ... bodysuits and rompers , dresses , shirts , pants and hats  by design original and sought after ...

Why choose organic clothing for our little ones?

1) "Organic" means a safe, fair and environmentally sustainable product

Many products are defined as " organic ", but the meaning of this word is much broader than is commonly understood. In the field of organic clothing for babies and children, this term first of all indicates products made with natural materials from biological cultivation, therefore without the use of chemical substances responsible in our children for dermatitis and other forms of skin irritation for babies and children . In addition to this, however, the term may also imply further important values: that these products also meet ethical and ecological requirements .

2) How to recognize the quality and guarantees offered by an organic baby garment

The label can be the first useful element to help us understand some important information on the garment we are choosing to buy for a newborn:

  • The materials with which it was produced
  • The place of origin
  • Organic certification

As for the biological quality of a garment, that is the materials and the ways of producing, this must be guaranteed by three fundamental phases: cultivation (no GMOs and no chemical pesticides and herbicides, only natural fertilizers), weaving and dyeing (no dangerous chemicals and dyes with heavy metals, only non-toxic natural dyes), packaging .

Regarding the origin , it must be said first of all that the one indicated on the label does not refer to the place where the garment was produced but to the one in which it was made (which could coincide but is not said) is not automatically synonymous with safety or its opposite.

More than the area of ​​origin, it is therefore the entire cultivation and production chain that must be certified by an independent body that controls the various phases. An organic habit therefore guarantees that no harmful substances have been used in the entire production chain .

Scegliere abbigliamento biologico significa ridare vita ad antichi saperi, ai sistemi naturali di coltivazione, allevamento e trasformazione dei materiali che da sempre l'uomo utilizza; significa avere rispetto per la natura, per la salute dei nostri bambini.

3) Il valore delle certificazioni

A marcare le differenze di cui parlavamo nella sezione precedente, esistono numerosi tipi di certificazioni internazionali in ambito di abbigliamento bio ed eco. Le più importanti sono Oeko-tex®, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) e Naturtextil e garantiscono a livelli diversi la qualità biologica di un capo.

4) Il prezzo: la qualità e la sicurezza hanno un costo

Quando si valuta un capo di abbigliamento, molti sono i fattori che determinano il prezzo finale. Se ci imbattiamo in un abito certificato come biologico con un prezzo di pochi euro,dobbiamo subito capire chedifficilmente sarà stato prodotto rispettando i criteri di cui parlavamo prima: filiera di produzione interamente naturale, senza uso di sostanze chimiche, rispetto per gli animali nel caso di fibre animali, rispetto per l'ambiente e rispetto dei diritti dei lavoratori.

Il costo medio di un vero capo d'abbigliamento biologico sono mediamente più alti rispetto agli altri in primo luogo a causa del fatto che i costi di produzione sono di gran lunga superiori.

Il cotone biologico ha una resa minore e quindi un costo maggiore e lo stesso vale per la lana biologica. Garantire sicurezza e diritti ai lavoratori ha un costo; garantire lavorazioni con prodotti naturali (coloranti ecc.) non nocivi ha un costo maggiore; infine, garantire trasporti sostenibili per l'ambiente ha un costo maggiore.

Per fare una scelta consapevole, dobbiamo quindi fare attenzione a tutti i requisiti di un vero prodotto biologico.

Cotton Poppies not only selects the best eco and bio clothing brands for babies and children in terms of product quality and design , but among These has chosen only the brands That guarantee the full achievement of the requirements of a real organic clothing item , ecological and ethical .

Newborn brands: discovering the best brands newborn clothing

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